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Meditation guidance in your unique setting. 

Meditation Guides NZ is a boutique consultancy that tailors meditation experiences for groups and individuals,

spreading a circle of calm, relaxation, and well being. 




Summer Calm Meditation & Mindfulness Series

Five week series of guided meditations with time for sharing insights.

  • Learn how to reset and rest your mind, reduce stress and increase your energy. Create a calming routine of self-care with weekly meditation.

  • Tuesdays from 12 November 2019 5:30pm - 6:30pm - join us anytime within the series dates.

  • Location: 17 Margarita Street at the Aratika office location.


More information and registration can be found at Aratika Cancer Trust

or contact Claire Gower-James 022 429 5063 at 



Sundays from 9 - 11am.

Beginner instruction in zazen (Zen meditation) offers guidance in creating a stable and comfortable posture for seated meditation, and describes the Zen approach to working with the mind during zazen. Beginner instruction also includes an orientation to Zen practice and training opportunities in New Zealand

We end with a cup of tea and time for questions. 

Koha accepted to help defray costs. 

Facilitated by Geoff Gensei Moore 021 238 4618

More information about Zen practice and

Sunday mornings in Rotorua can be found at

Location: Lake Zendo at Yoga Rotorua.

By Request

Contact for more information if you would like to host a group at your school, business or other location anywhere on the North Island of New Zealand.  We can create a one-off or a series of meditation experiences for your unique group.  Hourly rate is $80.  NGOs and charities are negotiable.  Please ask for subsidy if needed.  


When you are practicing zazen [meditation], do not try to stop your thinking. Let it stop by itself. If something comes into your mind, let it come in, and let it go out. It will not stay long. When you try to stop your thinking, it means you are bothered by it. Do not be bothered by anything. It appears as if something comes from outside your mind, but actually it is only the waves of your mind, and if you are not bothered by the waves, gradually they will become calmer and calmer. 

~ Shunryu Suzuki



       Chief Guide


Tove is a long-time student of mysticism, non-dual meditation practices and consciousness studies and has been meditating regularly for over 30 years.  Tove has assisted at Zen & Yoga retreats at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery and taught weekend meditation retreats in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  Tove has an Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in transpersonal psychology, she studied at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado and The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.  Tove additionally holds a graduate diploma in psychology from Massey University in New Zealand.  She now lives to Rotorua, New Zealand where she is on the board of the Aratika Cancer Trust offering integrative lifestyle and wellbeing programmes supporting those affected by a cancer diagnosis. 


Tove Kishō Jensen

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